Monday, February 3, 2014

Game Night - Let the Games Begin!

Game Night!

Game Night, anyone?

We like games at our house.  For a while we had a family game night every other Friday but it just did not give us the fix we needed so now we just play games whenever.  Often daily.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  We have one child that is a little fixated on games.  Ok, a lot fixated.

We were excited to get a few new games for Christmas from some dear friends - they know us well.
Our challenge around here - remember our kids span from almost 20 to 6 years old.  It is HARD to find a game that makes everyone happy.  The youngest cannot play Settlers of Catan, one of our favorites, and the olders are getting tired of Sorry and Uno.  When we find or are given games that span the ages we are a happy family.

So what are we playing these days for Game Night?

Set - this is a fun one!  Well, not for me because I lose every. single. time.  I am not a visual learner and so while I enjoy this game, I am no good at it.  Our college girl and her 16 year old sister win most of the time.  The great thing about this game though is you can teach younger kids to play.   They can beat me as well.

Tenzi - A very simple dice game with a few variations but we really like this one  and have played it almost daily since we got it.  You can play for 5 minutes or 30.  Sometimes we will break it out while waiting for someone.  Each tube has four sets of dice, so if more people are playing you will need multiple tubes.  I got it at a specialty gift shop.

Kerfluffle - This is a fun dice game that has a game board.  Think Scrabble meets Rummicube, with a few action cards thrown in to keep kids entertained.  It takes a little thought but our 6 year old has had no problem catching on and asks to play it daily.  The real reason is those action cards I mentioned.  Things like, if you can place all your dice, do the chicken dance, or play this play with the yellow dice on your head, or sing the ABC song during your turn.  Warning - I did throw away one card due to encouraging the imitation of bodily noises.  We have two boys who do not need any encouragement.  ;)

 Blurble - This game will also keep you on your toes.  No strategy but still takes a lot of thought.  On your turn you flip over a card and then say a word that starts with the same letter as picture you see begins with.  Sound easy?  I thought so too, but I am slow!  First it takes me a while to figure out what the silly picture is and then that word is stuck in my head and I cannot think of a new one.  Or the word someone said the turn before is stuck in my head.  Needless to say, I do not win this one much either, but I do laugh a lot.

Laughing and game night.  They go hand in hand and I love every minute of it.  We are teaching our kids to enjoy each other's company, compromise when choosing the next game to play, strategize, or at least follow directions and lose gracefully (that's for me mostly!).

How about you?  What are you playing for Game Night?


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  1. These sound really fun - I think my family would really like Blurble....sounds like we might need to find it and give it a try! Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thank you for the link! A great way to share game ideas!!

  2. I love finding new games. I just added some to my wish list so that I can take them on vacation to play with my sister's family.

    1. We love having game time with friends and family, Cristi! Vacation added sounds even better! :)

  3. For older ones we love Ticket to Ride. For our younger kids, Scavenger Hunt and Tenzi.

    1. How fun to find someone else who knew about Tenzi! I LOVE Ticket to Ride- actually win that one occasionally! haha

  4. I really appreciate these ideas, Michele! Some of our favorites are Catch Phrase, Presidential Game (still a favorite from TOS reviews), Clue, Seven Wonders (had to censor a couple of the cards with black marker! but otherwise a great game), and Skipbo. :) We have to accommodate a wide variety of ages so sometimes it's hard to find games that keep everyone happy on our Family Game Nights. I'm going to look into Kerfluffle since it sounds like it may work for us - thanks!!

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