Friday, February 7, 2014

52 Weeks of Family Scripture Memorization- week 5

Happy Friday, friends.  How is the memorization going?  Feeling behind?  It is ok to fall off the band wagon, just get right back on and keep going.  Any scriptures you learn will bless you.  It is not about the number of verses but about truly knowing and loving the word of God!

I want to continue on our theme of verses for kids through the month of February and then we will work on some verses for joy!  (I figure if this snowy, wintry cold snap keeps on, we will all need a few reminders of joy by then!)

So for this is week - (because we really need this one in our house!)

Remember to approach this with fun and excitement.  When you make it a chore then your kids see it as a chore.  When you approach God's word with joy your children will naturally pick up on that joy. And do not assume they cannot do it just because they are young.  Kids will amaze you when you give them a chance.  Our son is currently learning (on average) two additional verses a week for his Bible club, and still does a better job than me.  Figures!

So go ahead, challenge your family to learn a verse this week and see what they can do!


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  1. Great encouragement. Children have a wonderful ability to learn scripture. Sometimes the full meaning of a verse will open up years later--they will recall the verses they have learned.
    I'm visiting from Faith Filled Fridays.


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