Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Once a Month Shopping and Two Week Challenge

Last month I posted about Once a Month Shopping, so I wanted to give you an update for the month of May.  As I suspected, my total for the month was down...yea!  Once you have stocked your pantry then you just fill in when needed, waiting until sales if you can.  Again, I would be happy to share my master list, just shoot me an email.

First of the month-Commissary- $146.59 (this was mostly meat, but I also picked up cereal, butter and a few other staples I saw on sale)
                               Kroger-$109.84 (this included staple items on my list we keep stocked, plus fruits and veggies for the first two weeks)

Mid month small shop- $44.81 (this included eggs, milk and fruits and veggies only)

Total- $301.24  WOW  For a family of six, I am VERY happy with this month!  Once our garden comes in I hope to be spending even less on veggies!

We will be doing the same for June, with one minor change...A TWO WEEK FREEZER-PANTRY CHALLENGE!

Here's the plan...

My first two weeks of our June menu are planned around what I have in the pantry or freezer.  It's time to defrost the freezer and the money saved will be extra spending money for a fun mini vacation we have planned in July with friends!  (dual-tasking at its best!)

See the need for defrosting?!

For me, this will mean buying only the staples from my master list that we are out of, and some fresh fruits and veggies for our first of the month shop.  NO MEAT!  Gonna use what we have.

Basic Menu includes things like spaghetti, Ham and potato frittata, chicken, broccoli and rice casserole (doubled to freeze 1),  barbecued chicken, salmon cakes and Mexican casserole to name a few.  Don't think the family will even notice we are using up the stockpile.  (Except the salmon cakes which I am pretty sure they will turn their noses up at!)

I would love for you to join me in this two week still have a few days to plan before the first of the month shopping.  Tweak the plan to what works for your family.  Your goals are to:

1- Save money!
2- Use as much as you can from your freezer and pantry.  Go on- be brave and peek at what's in there.  You might be surprised at what you find- like salmon!  Then get creative and share with us your plan. 

We would love to encourage you this month so take a minute and let us know what you will be doing!

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  1. I'm on a two week plan also but due to PCSing. But my freezer is in much more of a need to defrost than yours. Thank goodness we are moving otherwise it would never get done.


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