Monday, May 14, 2012

TOS Review- Cap Jax Math Fax

2+2, 4x3, 9x7, 10/5, 12-4

Can you do those facts quickly?  Can your child?

CapJaxMathFax by Starboard Training Systems can help!  This was a fun review- our first for on line learning.  A simple download and we were ready to go!
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CJMF, by Jack Fretwell of Starboard Training Systems, is a great online program to not only help your child learn math facts at any level in a fun way, but also encourages them to master the skills based on time.

From the website:
Reinforcement builds skills. Feedback rewards skill performance and maintains importance of program. CapJaxMathFax™ employs a patented rating system that uses reinforcement and feedback data to create a game-like feeling. Ratings allow learners to keep score and set personal achievement goals. Student ratings also constitute a measure telling teachers and parents precisely where a student is in his or her math fact development.

Once you are on the site, you can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division or any combination of and the level you want to begin with. 

You can choose practice mode, which allows you to set the default timer to better match your child's skill level and does not score them, or the rating mode.  Rating mode keeps the students progress for you through increasing levels of difficulty, speeding up the learning process.  You can even print out a graph of their progress.  My son's biggest complaint about the program- the default timer is set for 3 seconds, considered the "super answer"- that is FAST!  Never mind that my child has a hard time thinking that fast, but then to find the number on the keyboard AND push enter, well, forget it!  Super frustrating at first.  BUT, once we changed our timer, first to 8 seconds and then to 5, he was on a roll and excited about beating his time.  With as little as 15 minutes a day on the site we have not only seen an improvement with his fact knowledge but because of the positive feedback it gives, also a huge leap in his confidence.  A win win situation!
There are also achievement badges your child can earn to encourage them along the way.

Here's what Jack had to say to get us started,
"The main advice is that "Playing for Rating" is the most effective method for reaching Mastery. At the beginning kids will say it's too easy. Just tell them to show you how easy it is. It'll get tougher soon enough.
Otherwise, parents and teachers should not get involved beyond showing interest in a learner's progress. Hovering definitely doesn't help.
If a kid seems to get stuck and frustrated, just tell them to remember how easy it was at the beginning and to stick with it. Sometimes it's useful to take a "time out" and switch to the Practice mode.
Remember, the RESET button lets you switch between math types and other things."

You can download the CapJaxMathFax™ Evaluation Program for free at any time. The Evaluation Program provides a good hands-on overview with explanatory notes.  If you decide to continue on, the program starts at $29.99.
You can see what fellow CREW members had to say about their experience with the program here!

Disclaimer- I received a free subscription to CapJaxMathFax in exchange for my opinion of this program.  The comments above are my own views and were not influence by CapJax!

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