Monday, May 28, 2012

A Boy and His Dogs

We have wimpy dogs.  Really!   Both are rescue dogs and both have issues.  Our female was abused when we got her, and obviously a little drugged, which we were unaware of at the time.  We looked at hyper frisky little labs.  Been there, done that. I told my husband no thank you, we already have one toddler in our home.  I do not need anything else that bounces.  Then we saw Aspen, sitting there so quiet- we'll take her! Unfortunately, once she came out of her stupor it was obvious she was not quite right.  Can you say scared?  She would hide under our deck for days if you so much as looked at her wrong.  Seriously, she had issues.  But we loved her.  So after much money and training, and did I mention money, we got some control of her.  Some.

Enter dog two.  We got HIM for HER.  A companion to take her mind off herself.  (Yep, I paid for that advice)  Now we have two neurotic dogs.  He did not start off that way but she has rubbed off on him.  (that was NOT part of the plan) Which is how we ended up here-

This is what happens when it thunders outside.  The big baby (the dog, not the boy) finds the closest lap and gets in it.  Fast!  It drives. me. crazy!  (Makes me want to sing, "When I am afraid, I will trust in you, trust in you!"  There's a lesson in there somewhere!) Lego Boy, he loves it!

Dad says no more dogs...EVER!

Roo and I say- How about a cat?! :)


  1. Thats hilarious. We have a rescue dog and he is the smartest, kindest dog I've ever owned. Which brings me to "we will never have another dog, because after this one every other one will be a dud." I love our cat!!

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    1. Working on it chickie! Talk to your buddy!

  3. That is funny, Our little puppy is doing pretty good besides he chases feet and tries to chew your toes....hopefully he turns out normal with all the chaos in my home!

  4. Ha, ha! I love dogs and never want another cat! :) We had a rescue dog who had been abused and was terrified of everyone, especially my dad. If any stranger came, she would hide under our car. BUT she had a super-loud bark, and she finally started barking under the car even though she was afraid to come out. You would hear this loud barking that sounded like a much bigger dog and you couldn't tell where the dog was. That made more than one stranger high-tail it back to their car when my mom was home alone out in the country where we lived - it was a great solution! :)

  5. I love the dogs, they are so sweet, but NO Michele I will not take them to keep, their Grammy


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