Monday, May 21, 2012

Surgery Update and Other Ramblings

Good morning!  A big thank you to everyone for the inquiries, sweet words of encouragement, and prayers.  My surgery was "successful".  The doctor said it was a "textbook" case and he surprised me by letting me come early evening the same day.  While it was not the best sleep I am sure it was better than any I would have gotten in the hospital.  What is with them waking you up every time you drift off to sleep??  Anyway, here are my thoughts on the whole thing, in no particular order:

-I found out that I am slightly braver than I thought.  Ok, maybe it was just the prayers, but regardless, I did not freak out.  At least not yet.

-I have had no real pain.  Yes, it does feel like someone took my insides out, shook them up a bit, and then put them back in to see where they would settle, but no external incision has meant no real pain.  A lot of aches and back pain, but hey, I will take it!

-My bed is too high for recovering-from-surgery-patients and hard to get in and out of!  (CP also bounces around too much in his sleep when he rolls over, but don't tell him I told you!)

-When you have been sick for so long every little thing tends to creep you out, so I am slowly having to learn a new normal.  This includes RELAXING!  Still working on that....

-Anesthesia is creepy!   Don't remember stuff, can hear but can't get your eyes open, who knows what went on while you were out- well, let's just not even go there! ;)

-When you can't exercise, it never looked so appealing.  I long to get back on the treadmill and RUN; remind me of that in 6-8 weeks when I am cleared for normal life.

-There are only so many projects you can do before you start to run out.  I have written numerous posts in the middle of the night when I could not sleep, put a Child's Training Bible together (giveaway to come!), read, scrap booked, finished a puzzle and wandered around the house.  Thought it might be a new kind of fun to be babied for a while but not. so. much!

-Everyone says that you will feel great by the second week.  Today is day five.  I am waiting not so patiently for the second week.

-I told CP that after surgery I would be a new woman.  I even told the doctor if I was not, he would have to go back in and take more out.  I am still waiting.  So is CP!  ;)

-Extra hormones for fifty-some days can make a person looney.  Take those away- expect a crash!  A big one.  Kinda like the baby blues after giving birth, but with no cute baby to make you feel better.

-My mood is highly affected by the sun.  So where did it go and when is it coming back?

-I am thankful it is summer.  At least our schedule is slower and I will blend in with the other mommies lounging at the pool.  Otherwise, I would just feel plain lazy.

-Some days are just better than others.

But above all of this, I have found-

Friends and Family are fabulous.
Prayers are powerful.
Medicine is mighty.


Thank you for walking through this with me, my friends!

Stay tuned this week for a new review, a giveaway and a fun Friday vacation edition!


  1. So glad you are doing well, Michele, and hope things progress quickly back to "normal"!

  2. Glad it all went well! Praying for speedy and complete healing!


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