Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Stay Awhile

If you have been following along with our home renovations, you may have already seen this bedroom, but with a blue bedspread and accents.  We have often had a blue guest room, and I have always loved the crisp blue and white contrast, hence me toting those things around for 10 years, at least.  

But this room is a large guest room off our downstairs living room of greys and neutrals, and it was just bugging me.  Instead of feeling warm and inviting, it felt stark to me. 

I shopped our house, which by the way is far harder to  do now that I have 34 Weeks of Cleaned for several years in a row, and came up with a new plan.

I had previously bought this bedspread (it has a fleecy bottom layer) for Salem back in Mesa.  Where the current highs have been in the 100s for the past few months.  What was I thinking?  He slept with it on his bed for about 3 days and them politely asked if there were other options.  

Luckily I kept it.



All it took was adding a few pillows and new matching lamp and I feel so much better about the space. 


 Found the perfect sign-

And done!  Well except for curtains, but I am waiting for the light grey linen material to restock so I can get busy sewing again!

 Who is up for a visit?



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