Friday, November 27, 2020

The Man Space

I have a love hate relationship with garages.  On the one hand, they need to be functional and hold all the STUFF.  On the other hand, I want them to look lovely and like they came out of a magazine.

Guess which side of the coin my husband falls on?

Holding all the stuff.  And trust me when I say, he has All. The. Stuff!

But poor guy has been so busy helping me with inside projects that he had put off his stuff projects "til later."

Well later finally came, at least for one project he had been eager to do. (In my defense, it is hard to get too much work done in the garage and you live in Arizona.)

Pegboard!  Clarke is a tool guy and now that he has a bit more free time than the Air Force afforded him, he is starting to amass some pretty cool tools and gadgets.  Hence all the projects he has done for me.  While we hope to add a workshop for him at some point, the third bay of our garage will have to suffice for now.


A work in progress but we are slowly getting there!

He added the pegboard, did a bit of rearranging and is happily adding things as time will permit.  It's a work in progress, but at least it is finally in progress!  Ask me how many screws and nails and such we have sorted in the past three weeks!


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