Monday, November 30, 2020

Mission Complete

 I wish I could find a picture of what was originally in this space before we pulled it out.  The previous owners has put down a concrete shower insert and then built a counter top around TWO plastic utility sinks.  The whole thing was then "finished off" by stapling a grass mat skirting around it.Yep, it was  attractive.  NOT!  And while it had water attached to it, the drain in the shower insert led to nothing except the carpet underneath.  It was crazy! 

When we bought the house we were not exactly sure what we would do to finish off the space, but we KNEW the current set up had to go.  After a lot of dreaming we decided to do a mini kitchen and eating/game area that can accommodate guests or a live in renter.

Knowing the work needed was beyond our skill level, we hired an awesome local company, The Guild Brothers, to do the project for us.  They have been patient with my crazy whims and changes, and we have been so pleased with their dedication and work!

Once the cabinets were set, Clarke did install the beadboard/ship-lap on the back himself.

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