Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Slow Going

I mean slow!  Actually, through the professional's eyes, lots of little steps have been done.  You have to do those things first, of course.  Through my eyes, it is a S-l-o-w process.  I am, indeed, not a professional!

But the two big things my non professional self knows are the drywall and painting are done, which means our new hall connecting the guest room and bath is in, minus the door...

Ready for the shower to be built!

and the cabinets and countertop are in!

Before prep

Fridge will go on the left once floors are in

Can't wait to take all that plastic down!  It's not helping with dust control anyway!

And I am ready to decorate!

OK, ready and able are two different things you know!  I am biting at the bit to pull things in but Clarke and common sense are making me wait.  Mostly Clarke!

There is going ot be about a week lull while we wait for the first step in the shower install to happen and then tile backsplash and tile floor will be completed.  Then about another week lull for the flooring to be complete in the kitchen.  

I do not like lulls!

In the meantime, I am hoping that Clarke and I will be able to install the floating shelves above the sink this weekend.  Fingers crossed.

And speaking of lulls, part of this project also included adding electric on the outside side of the kitchen wall so we could have a hot tub installed.  While we miss our pool, a hot tub was really the only feasible answer to our location and we were looking forward to having it the first of November.  That being said, it is delayed another 3-4 weeks.  Who knew COVID would delay hot tub production!?!

First world problems, but annoying none the less to this tired-of-waiting for EVERYTHING lady!  I feel for anyone who is currently building a home and starting from scratch.  Hats off to you!


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