Thursday, April 30, 2020

Unexpected Play at the Unexpected Time

Have you ever seen the movie The Perfect Game?  It is one of our family favorites about a little league team from Mexico.  Based on a true story and VERY family friendly, we have watched it many times and love to repeat a few of the lines on a pretty regular basis.

"Unexpected Play at the Unexpected Time" is one of those lines, and boy do I have one for you!

We always told this child she was a real life princess.
Now we know Riley is actually a QUEEN!

A year ago, due a crazy set of circumstances, Riley auditioned for and was hired by Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament!

A few things about Medieval Times-
This is the first castle to open in 13 years!  Yep, it is a BIG deal.
Yes, they are a dinner theatre and you eat with your hands.
They are the largest breeder of Andalusian horses in the US!
The knights' names and standards are based on the owner's Spanish heritage

While all the castles are currently closed while we wait for Corona to pass, she is super excited to be a part of the Medieval Times team.

And hey, we get to live with a QUEEN!


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