Friday, April 10, 2020

Prayers and Perspective

So many thoughts swirling in my head these days.  Where to even start?

Honestly, I have not felt like much in our current lives has looked too differently since all this Corona stuff started.

Stay at home?  Yep, we do that a lot.
School at home?  Been doing that for over 23 years.
Social distance?  We just moved and know a big whopping three people here.
Stop all non- essential activities?  No problem, haven't had the time to start any here yet anyway.

Not making light of the situation, just pointing out the facts.

But reality hit me hard this week.

Clarke is now teaching from home and summer school classes are at risk.
Our youngest daughter was laid off of her dream job and has no idea when she will get to go back to work, right as she and her sister have moved out into their own place.
My sweet grandmother is in lockdown in an assisted living facility with no access to friends and family, and my mom is by herself.
I have been on my knees in prayer over hurting friends, sick friends, and anxious friends.
I cannot even watch the news because it makes me feel literally sick.

It's a lot.
We are ALL under a lot of stress, whether we see it or not.
And currently there is no end in sight or hint of when we can get back to our "new normal."
It is enough to make for some hard days.  Not just here, but all over the world.

But here is the deal- I pray we don't get back to the normal we knew before.

After this is all over, I pray we will...
  • love more deeply and freely, 
  • appreciate the quiet, 
  • recognize what is important in our lives, 
  • let go of excess, 
  • say thank you more often, 
  • look for ways to help others,  
  • treasure friends dearly,
  • and be thankful that the Lord was faithful through the trial.
Oh friends, may we be changed for the better through this time.  What a waste it would truly be if we came through this fire the same person as before.

Let us use this time for good and use our lives for good.

Know you are loved and prayed for!

DO NOT BE ANXIOUS about anything, but in EVERY situation, by PRAYER and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to GOD. And the PEACE of God, which transcends all understanding, will GUARD your HEARTS and your MINDS in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7, emphasis mine


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