Monday, April 27, 2020

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

Today we get keys to our new house!  Yep, we are moving again!

This time same town, different house.

If you will remember, the original plan was to live in this rental house (with its gorgeous views) until we had a house built.  We had not set out to build a house but simply could not find a place that fit ours needs.

We had found a lot we liked, talked to a builder, and started crunching numbers.  Lots and lots of numbers.  In the middle of that process a house popped up in my email, we took a chance and looked at it, crunched more numbers (Corona hit) and decided the Lord had different plans than we did!

Go figure!  Hineni

So we put one dream aside and embraced a new dream.

There is MUCH to be done to make it our own and we will spend most of the month of May doing that and moving things over.  So instead of house build posts, you will get house update posts!  Lots and lots of update posts!

First up, getting rid of a lot of gold fixtures and finishes, painting cabinets, new front door and light fixtures, new paint, and on and on!

Before and after pictures to come!

Let to work begin and a new dream start!



  1. How exciting!! We've built two houses and bought 3 existing ones. There's something to be said for an existing home -especially when you can make changes! Can't wait to see your updates! :-)

  2. Oh how very exciting :D Have a blessed time building memories


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