Monday, May 4, 2020

House Reno Week 1

I may not know what week of the shelter-at-home order we are in, but I can tell you we just completed week one of the house renovation projects.  This week was supposed to be week one, but we were able to close early and get started on a few things.  Yay!

Each time we head to the house, which is about 30 minutes from here, we take the truck and van loaded to the brim.  We had a garage full of boxes and garage stuff that had not been opened (think Christmas boxes and such), as well as many book boxes.  Good news- it is almost all over at the new house!  Bad news- I am tired already and we still have about three weeks to go!

But let's talk about the good stuff, shall we?

Ashton is up for a few days to help and we have a friend who is in the construction business here helping as well with all of our many projects.  We dream big and he helps keep us on track.  Not to mention he knows more than we do.

My handy husband

Things accomplished so far-

  • Lighting removed and replacement begun in kitchen
Cabinets painted in two weeks

  • Master closet demo

  • 5 trips with boxes and multiple boxes unpacked.

  • Kitchen drawers and cabinets cleaned. Painting happens in two weeks!

  • Pantry reno begun!

  • Multiple ceiling fans and lights removed.  Bye bye gold!

  •  Medicine cabinets removed

  • Two out of six bathroom faucets replaced.

  • Master bath mirrors and lights removed and walls patched, ready for painters next week.

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Yes, that is lavender paint,  It's going next week!
  • Hall bath mirror and lights removed.

Are you tired?  I am!  But after two half days this weekend, we are planning on the next three days being long ones to finish as much as we can before our help leaves!

One thing about being busy is that you kind of tune out the crazy of the world.  While I do not want to be completely uninformed, I do know that for me focusing on the news and stories in the news is not healthy.  There are just some things I cannot control, and worrying about them is not adding anything beneficial to my life.

Instead I am choosing to stay busy and focus on the many blessings of each day.  Yes, some days are more of a challenge than others, but by keeping my eyes on God and trying to view things from His perspective, my heart is lighter, my head is clearer, and my emotions are more stable!

I encourage you to find something to keep you busy, be thankful for the day in front of you, and trust that there is nothing in your life that hasn't passed through the hands of God first!  He is good- all the time!

If I could hug each of you I would, but know that I am whispering a prayer for you instead!


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