Monday, April 13, 2020

A Prayer a Day Challenge

As the weeks continue on with so many of us under stay-at-home orders, we want to continue our family challenges.

We started off with A Letter a Day, then A Verse a Day, and last week we conquered A Project a Day.  This week, while deep in the trenches of a global pandemic, let's go back to blessing others with A Prayer a Day.

Let's face it, there is not one person who is not affected or that will be not somehow be affected by the Corona Virus.  Let's cover those groups of people in prayer- one day at a time!

Monday- Those in the medical world, to include doctors, nurses, EMTs etc.  These heroes are working around the clock and putting their own lives at risk to take care of the sick - often at their own families' expense. 

Tuesday- Those in the science/technology world.  These heroes are also working around the clock to find a vaccine, better diagnostic tests, and better ways to treat the virus. The pressure is on them, you can be sure.

Wednesday- Pastors, Missionaries, those who minister to the spiritual needs of others.  Let's face it, these heroes are also working overtime.  They are trying to care for multiple people long distance and continue to run their own churches via a whole new way, finding creative ways to keep the human touch available to their congregations.

Thursday- National and local level leaders.  It is easy to call out leadership and presume to know how we could do things better but none of that is helpful.  In the end, it is the Lord who has allowed them to be in positions of authority and they need our prayers.  Can you imagine the burdens they carry?

Friday- The world, the unsaved and our families. Those who are sick as well as those who are healthy.

The Lord hears our prayers, my friends, and praying draws us closer to Him.

Praying with you!


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