Friday, August 23, 2019

Let's Talk About... Literature

NOW we are getting somewhere!  In this Let's Talk About ...Series we have talked about some pretty serious subjects (complete list can be found at the bottom of this post) but today we are getting to the fun stuff!  BOOKS!  I know I heard several of you squeal, you can't hide it.  Plus, I have been in some of your homes and I know you have a book problem!

But the written word just calls many of our names.  It can teach you facts, stretch your imagination, take you to far away places and entertain you for hours.  Literature is a beautiful thing.  While the mechanics of reading and writing can take up a lot of time in our day, don't forget to take even more time to have your child read, or better yet, curl up with a good book along side of them.  You can help build a love for learning and create a special time for you and your kiddos.

There are a lot of great literature programs out there and I will mention just a few, but honestly, the BEST thing you can do for your child's literature program is just give them a pile of books and have them read.  Yes, at a younger age you do need to make sure their reading comprehension is spot on, but after that, in my opinion, devouring books of all kinds is the best!

I would challenge you to choose wisely and be familiar with the books they are reading.  I have been known to let my kiddos loose in a library and had to take back a book I found inappropriate!  And those were from the kids section!  Kid you not.  Not all books are created equal, don't assume they are.

And on that note, just because someone else deems them a classic does not mean they are worthwhile.  There are a lot of books out there that are required reading in the public schools that are a complete waste of time.  Seriously!  Just because we read them in high school does not mean our kids have to.  There are too many amazing books out there to waste our time on junk just because everyone else is reading it!

So a few programs I recommend?

BOB books- These silly little books are not only a great way to learn to read, but also make for fun reading for your kids at an early age.  There are so many fun books out there for very young readers, but these are cheap and easy to find!

Sonlight- One of the reasons we still use Sonlight after 20 plus years is because it is literary rich!  I mean, seriously, how many other programs out there read over 30 books in a school year?  My two college grads will tell you they did so well in writing, vocabulary, and even history in college because of Sonlight books.  They still have been known to grab one of our current readers off our shelf to re- read.

ABeka- We used ABeka readers early on in our schooling with much success.  The kids loved the "readers" and if you are more old school, you will like the looks of this as well.  It is definitely a less expensive option than Sonlight.

Hewitt Homeschooling- The Lightning Literature literature program stands out for several reasons.  First, it has multiple themes to choose from, not just your standard "these are the classics" track.  Secondly, the accompanying workbooks really dig deep into what is being read.

Progeny Press- We have had the privilege of using several of these literary guides and had a lot of fun with them.  If you like having questions for your child to answer about what they are reading, as well as writing prompts, projects, and more, you will enjoy these.  You can get them digitally and in hard copy.

Great middle school book if you have not read it !

The Library!- Of course, we have to remember the best place to find GREAT books for FREE is at the library!  Grab a librarian and ask what they recommend or just wander the rows, but either way allow your child to read and read some more!  There is NO better way to learn, and the possibilities are endless!


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