Monday, August 5, 2019

34 Weeks of Clean 2019! Week 30- The Cars

OK, OK, I know your cars are not technically a part of your house, but let's face it, many of us spend enough time there to count them as such, right?  Between groceries and appointments, children and friends, we spend a lot of time in our cars.

And like anything else, time and lots of kids take their toll on our vehicles.  Honestly, it is not usually a big deal to me.  But, it is a big deal to my sweet husband, so I do try to keep a handle on the chaos. We used to keep a car organizer on the back of the seat for my youngest's books and such, but that went out recently.  We also try to enforce the stuff in, stuff out rule daily.  But past that, well, life happens!

Since our kids are getting older (12 and up) we do not usually have too big of a mess to deal with.  AND, because our kids are getting older, we can bribe pay them to do detailed car duty occasionally. Yay me!  But on the other hand, there are currently five cars in our driveway to keep clean and we are in the middle of monsoon season here.  That's a lot of sand and elbow grease.

So, here we go- CLEAN OUT THOSE CARS!

A quick checklist for you-

  • Empty all trash bags or just get rid of all the trash you have on the floor and everywhere else!  We keep a grocery bag in our van at all times for trash.  I admit it is not lovely, but it does get the job done.

  • Take out all car mats and wash down.  Again, I live in the desert, ya'll, there is a lot of sand.

  •  Vacuum the floorboards.

  •  Wipe down all surfaces.

  •  Wipe down all windows inside.

  •  Wash outside of car, including tires!

  • Check tire pressure while you are there! ;)
  • Clean out your trunk.

One of the things we have always kept in our cars is an emergency car kit.  It hold simple things like a first aid kit, jumper cables, and such.  Here in AZ, you also need to keep water in your car about 9 out of the 12 months.  You just never know when you will be stranded and our motto is better safe than sorry!  We also keep a few camp chairs in our trunk because of, well...KIDS!

That's it!  Pretty simple, huh?  And it will make the men in your life smile for some reason, go figure!

Well my friends, we have almost come to the end of the road with 34 Weeks of Clean!  I cannot even believe that the time is almost done.  Next week we are heading back inside to finish up for our last few weeks.  I hope you are starting to look around and see a difference. 

Remember it is never too late to start and you are never really finished.  But it does get easier!


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