Friday, July 19, 2019

Let's Talk About...Math

Welcome back to week 2 of our Let's Talk About...Series!

Last week we talked about Science so this week we are going to tackle Math!  Eek!  I mean, as long as we are on a roll with hard subjects I figured we might as well keep going, right?!

Yep, full disclosure, I am not a math person either!

But I do know that Math is important to know and therefore I do my best to do it well.  Once again, this is a subject I jump around a bit with and have used a few things for specific children for specific reasons, hence the overlap in some grades.  As with our science picks, I have linked more detailed reviews I have written if applicable.  I am not getting paid to endorse any of these companies, they are just ones we use and love!

Here we go-

Saxon Math- Sorry, I know I heard some groans there but I LOVE the hand's on, manipulatives side of this program.  We tend to use it for K-4th grade.  It is pretty repetitive after a while, but if you can't stomach it for long, I would say try to use the first few years at least.  It is a great combo of hands on and worksheets (for goodness sake, just do the front of each page) and the spiral teaching is a great way to cement ideas.  Plus who doesn't like teddy bear counters, tangrams, and yellow clocks?!

Teaching Textbooks- At about the 5th grade level, child dependent, we switch over to TT.  The new version which in online and self grading is so easy to use and I love someone else taking over the teaching at that point!  With my oldest, TT saved us a lot of tears and meltdowns! (Talking to you, Ashton!)

Math U See Geometry- Math U See is just a more visual and hands on program in my opinion.  One of our children really benefited from taking a break from TT and using this program for Geometry.  Super thankful for this program.

*If your child is going into the STEM world, definitely check out Abeka or even BJU upper level math courses.  Even better, have them take math online through a college and dual-credit it!  You won't regret it, promise!

CTC Math and IXL Learning- These are great programs if you have a child who needs some extra practice!  You can supplement the program you are using or use it for extended summer learning.  The game like features keep the drudgery to a minimum.


Times Tales- The BEST way to learn multiplication in my opinion.  My son still says the rhymes and learned his multiplication facts faster than any of my other kiddos.

Learning Wrap Ups-Wrap ups have been around forever, but they are still a fun way to master facts.  We have been known to put these in the car with us and pull them out in waiting rooms!

Whatever you choose, find the best fit for your child and dive in!


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  1. We've thought about getting the math wrap-ups but tabled the idea for now as our kids are either too young or too old to use them right now. We really like IXL - I feel like it has really helped all our children in many areas.

  2. Some great ideas here! The Times Tales are fun! We used those, too.

  3. I admire you so much. Math would really be a struggle for me to teach. I have a friend who homeschooled all 5 of her children, and she LOVED Saxon math! You have given great tips here.

  4. We are planning on using Saxon for the younger years. It’s much better than their 4th + grades (speaking from my own homeschool experience here, lol

  5. Oh man, the counting bears take me back - we used to have them. My oldest 5 used Teaching Textbooks online last year and we really liked it.


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