Friday, August 30, 2019

Let's Talk About... Christian Education

Another week- another subject!  This one may the most important one yet!  And one of the many reasons we chose to homeschool.  I love that we have the freedom to teach what we want and when we want!  Bible studies are usually the start and end of our day; bookending at its best!

While our family reads through the Bible each year together during our family devotions, we also make a point to study the Word as part of our curriculum.  We have done it several different ways through the years, but here are a few of our favorites-

(They are linked to reviews I have done, when applicable, so you can see further details.)

Abeka Bible- For a season, I needed to take a break from being teacher and just be mom.  ABeka saved the day and the Bible courses we used were our favorite part of the day!  This is a live recording of an actual class with students and a teacher.  She addresses the at home audience periodically and makes them feel included.  If you are not a traditional schooler, this is not for you, but my son LOVED it and learned so much historical context!

I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist- This book is a must have for me!  I have each child read it as a high school senior.  There is a workbook that can be used as well. It is higher level learning for sure, but a great way to get one last good read on Apologetic before sending them off to college or a job.

Sonlight Bible- Again, we have been using Sonlight for years and each year I am reminded of why I love it.  They offer a good list of non- fiction apologetics books for each level, as well as many auto-biographies of Christian saints.

Apologia's Who Am I? Series- If you asked my favorite from this list, this series would be it!  There are four books in the series and workbooks are available at two levels if you want to use them.  There are also coloring books if you choose to use these as a family and have littles participating with you.  I highly recommend using them 5-8th grade!


Bible Study Guide for All Ages- This is another one I like for younger kids, but you can use it at higher levels!  The BEST part of this program is different levels of the workbook pages can be used at the same time- perfect when you have multiple kids to school and need to do some things together!  This may look like it is "just fun," but I assure you it is packed with info!

YWAM  Christian Heroes Series- If you have not read any books from YWAM, do so!  Like, go order them now and get started!  Easy enough for a middle schooler to read alone, but good enough for a mom or dad to enjoy.  Great family read alouds!

30 Days to Understanding the Bible- This review product I received was a hit in our family.  We actually are just finishing up, as we decided to do it in 30 weeks as a family, rather than 30 days!  This is a "know your Bible" type book with dates, and facts, and timelines activities in it!


The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls- We try to incorporate Christian fiction into our library when we can find good books.  These were introduced to us about a year ago and I love them.  Yes, there is a lot of the author's imagination in here, it IS fiction, but lots of truth as well and just some fun reads!

Again, I am getting nothing from telling you about these products.  They are just a few of many we have used in the past and love.  Hope you will find a few new ones that you come to love as well!


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