Thursday, August 15, 2019

Marble Circuit Fun

You know we love games and such around here, right?  There is just something about a game that brings people together and makes things fun.  We play a lot of different types, but for some reason we always seem to eventually drift back to problem solving type games.  It may because we have a wide range of ages under our roof currently, or maybe we are just such left brain dominant people we can't help ourselves.

Either way, I knew when I saw Marble Circuit being offered by Timberdoodle Co  I had several in our family that would love it.  Turns our everyone does and many competitions to see who is better and faster have been had!

Marble Circuit is a relatively easy game as far as instructions go.  Pick a card you want to try, there are 64 that vary in difficulty, and try to get your eight marbles to run a course to a final resting place that ends up matching the card you choose.  All answers are on the back of each card.

Sound easy?
Think again!

To direct your marbles to the appropriate final space you must arrange  ten different tiles that force the marbles one way or another.  By changing the direction of a tile, you can change the path of a marble.  But that same tile may direct the path of additional marbles to place you do not want them to go.

Once you think you finally have the solution, you slowly pull the stopper at the top and watch your marbles run the course you have set up.  When they all settle into their final places you then check to see if your marbles match the solution card.

Of course, our 12 year old was the first to try out Mable Circuit.  He is, after all, the master of puzzles.  After doing a few of the easier cards he conned his brother into trying and the competition was on!

As soon as dad came home he got into the fun and his older sister, who I think may be the fastest so far, got in on the fun!

I love this game for so many reasons!

  • Because it is on the smaller size, it is easy to take with you on the go and pull out when you need to fill some time.
  •  It is great way to build problem solving skills. 
  • It is great for team building or some friendly competition.
  •  It is good for fine motor skills. 
  • It is good for visual learners.
  • It's a fun quick break from school when tensions are running high.
  •  It is quiet! (hey, I AM a mom of four after all!) 
You can find Marble Circuit in the 5th Grade Curriculum Kit from Timberdoodle, but don't let that limit your thinking.  It is fun for all ages! One caution I have for you is the marbles are quite small and could pose a chocking hazard for small children.  Be careful where you store it is you have littles in your house!

Just make sure you keep it close enough to pull out frequently- it can be quite the addiction!


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