Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Menu

It's that time again!

Sometimes menu planning is a breeze for me, other times I can sit and stare at a blank plan for a very long time.  I am going to be honest, food does not impress me much these days.  Since my gall bladder surgery at the end of June, I have struggled with severe stomach issues.  Yep, traded in the gallbladder for a new problem.  Nice huh?

But despite my lack of interest in food, my family does need to eat, so I am trying to stay on the cooking bandwagon.  Meal planning helps keep me accountable, and as someone mentioned last week, it DOES help save money!

For example, this week I saw turkey breasts on sale for .99/lb.  Yes, I got a $30 turkey breast for a about $8.  Well, actually I got 5 of them!  Stocking up on deals can equal huge savings.  Plus, because of their size, one of those turkeys will feed us for three meals as you will see with this week's menu.  I also love to keep things like that on hand for unexpected times when I feed others through our church's meal ministry.

So here we go-

Monday- Chicken Stir Fry

Tuesday- Sliced Turkey

Wednesday- Flounder (because a certain child who does not love seafood will not be eating with us!)

Thursday- Turkey Enchiladas

Friday- Hamburger Gravy

Saturday- Spaghetti

Sunday- Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

See, easy peasy!

Next week, I am going to introduce you to a few freezer meal ideas, a few oldies but goodies and a few from a new cookbook I treated myself to that I LOVE!  Can't wait to share!

Have a beautiful week!


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