Friday, October 13, 2017


Are there days that you just struggle to get through?  Days that you are tired of being sick?  Or days that you are tired of stress?  Or days that you are just- TIRED?

Oh friends, I have been there a lot lately.

Tired of pain and not feeling well.  Tired of struggling to school a child that wants to fight me every step of the way.  Tired of sadness and stress.  Tired of- well, a lot honestly.

And sometimes most of all, just tired of pretending all is well.

Sometimes all is not well.

But who wants to say, yeah, I am struggling right now.  Or yeah, things stink right now.

I get tired of myself some days.  I can only imagine how others feel.

But here's the thing.  We all go through rough spots in our lives.  Some are mercifully short lived and some are not.   When you are in them, whether short or long, they are no fun.

Refining, but often no fun.

I am pretty sure God is doing some refining in my life.

  • Teaching me that there is a time to share and let others help bear my burdens and a time to just simply turn to God.

  • That there can often be times of great pain and sorrow in our lives and that of our children's, but then he sends joy and hope when you least expect it.

  • That there are times that we are healthy and then there may be times when we have to slow down and allow God to restore our bodies.

  • That there are times when we are ministered to by friends and times when we must do the ministering. 

And all the while, God is using it all to refine us.  To draw us closer to Himself.  To make us more like Him.

Sometimes it is a long, painful road.

Always it is a worthwhile one!

If you are reading this and are in a rough season of your life, I want to encourage you today.  Know that you are not alone.  Know that you are loved.  And know that  you will get through.

God is with you and He loves you!



  1. I'm right with you on some this Michele. I pray you feel God's comfort and presence.

  2. Thank you for this lesson, Michele :) Passing through the Refiner's fire is not comfortable or easy, but the results are amazing! It is necessary from time to time, isn't it?


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