Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Menu wth NEW printable recipe!!

Happy Monday, my friends!  We are back in town and ready to cook again!  And yes, thanks to the encouragement of a new friend, Lanie, and the help of an old blogging friend Kemi, I have finally managed to put a recipe in a printable form for YOU!!  My plan is to feature one recipe each week- first one up is from last week- pulled pork.

You also might notice that things get pretty simple by the end of this week, as my hero husband will be out of town and well, when he is not around to feed, the kids and I go simple.  Welcome to my real life and true confessions! ;)

So this week's plan is-

Monday- Honey glazed chicken thighs (grill)

Tuesday- OUT TO EAT

Wednesday- Breakfast! ( pancakes, bacon and fruit)

Thursday- Spaghetti

Friday- Nachos

Saturday- Ham

Sunday- Potato soup

YES!  We are going out to eat on Tuesday!  We don't typically do that during the week, but this is a yearly tradition.  We do not participate in Halloween, so each year the family tradition to go out to eat Chinese food instead.  It gets us out of the house so we do not feel like we are hiding, and it is just a fun thing we have come to look forward to as a family. 

Hey, it's the silly things you do together that your kids will remember!  Ask me how I know!!
Have a blessed week- make it a great one!


Pulled Pork


  • 1 3-4 lb. pork roast
  • 1 can French onion soup
  • 1 Cup ketchup
  • 1/2 Cup cider vinegar
  • 3 TBSP brown sugar


  1. Place roast in slow cooker.
  2. Combine remaining ingredients and our over roast.
  3. Cover and cook 4-5 hours on high, or 8-10 hours on low.
  4. Shred pork and cook an additional 10-20 minutes.


We serve this on buns,  plain, or even on baked potatoes!

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