Friday, October 27, 2017

A Riley Fix!

It's like a Stitch Fix, but even better! ;)


This past weekend we got to take a quick road trip and visit our girlie in Mississippi.  I think I have mentioned it before, but it is a 13 hour drive one way.  13 hours!  In the car.  5 of us!

Salem said we spent 2/3rds of our "vacation" in the car.  We told him he needed to learn the difference between a vacation and a road trip!

Though Colby thought it was a pretty good time!  Find that boy water and he is happy!  I need a pool IN my house.  Seriously, I do!!

So here's how it played out-

Thursday- Leave at 2, stay in St. Louis for the night.
Friday- Arrive in MS at 3.  Grab the girl, check into the hotel, grab a bite to eat and have her back at the theater at 5:30 to get ready for her show.  She and her sister arrive back at the hotel way late and the rest of us are already in bed asleep.

Riley time- 2 1/2 hours.

Saturday- Eat breakfast with the boys while the girls sleep in, drag them out of bed at 10.  Take Riley to the theater again for her matinee at 12:30.

Pick her back up at 5:00, grab dinner and take her back for the night show at 6:30.  Back at hotel around 11, and chat for a few minutes and head to bed.

hair up to accommodate wig for show!

Riley time- 4 hours.

Sunday- Make everyone go to breakfast together at 10. Drop Riley off at dorm at 12:30 and head back to St. Louis.  7 hours in the pouring rain.  Fun times.

Riley time- 2 1/2 hours.

Monday- Drive home in monsoon winds.  Fun times again.

Final tally- 
Driving time- 23 plus hours in the car.
Riley time- 9 hours.
Cost- More than a Stitch Fix!!

Of course, it was absolutely worth it! But it was absolutely an exhausting whirlwind!

The show, Into the Woods, was amazing and, as always, the cast and crew did an amazing job!  It is always fun to get to see our girlie with her friends doing what she loves.  It is the only reason I allow her to be so far away! ;)  And for the record, the boys have already been told they will pick a college within a 5 or 6 hour radius of WHEREVER I am.

As a bonus, we got to visit with Ashton's oldest and dear friend of 20 years!  Yes, these two have been buddies for a long time.  Luckily she and her husband and sweet new baby live close to Riley so we get to sneak in visits occasionally and Clarke and I got to pretend to be grandparents for a few hours.  Such sweetness.

Overall, a good time.  While I wish she was closer, I know that God has Riley right where she needs to be, growing and learning.  She has dear friends, loves her major, and is doing well on her own.  So I will keep smiling, praying a lot, and counting down the weeks until Christmas!


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