Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Top 5 Posts of 2016!

Each new year I try to take some time to evaluate the blog and decide where I want to go with it, and even if I want to continue to write.  What started out as an avenue to simply review homeschool products evolved into a place for me to ramble about life.  Sometimes life in general, but often my family's life.  They graciously allow me to still do that with very little censorship.

This space has turned into a place where I bear my heart, often to a fault, and share my opinion, hopefully in a respectful manner.  It is a place where I have made many online friends, and have met several of those in person.  You have laughed with me, loved with me, and endured the ups and downs of life.  I am blessed by you, friends, and I pray daily that I can bless you in some small way in return.

I know each of you come for different reasons.  Whether you are here for homeschooling advice, curriculum reviews, or just to hear my crazy ramblings, let me take this time to say thank you!  I value the time you spend here on Family, Faith, and Fridays and I appreciate your readership.  More importantly, I appreciate your friendship and support!


You make this blog what it is and you make me smile daily!

So what did you all enjoy the most this year according to numbers?

34 Weeks of Clean Returns
Grief is Great
When A+B Does Not Equal C
6 Tips of Dual Crediting High School 
Blessing in Waiting 

Here's to a GREAT 2017!  Be blessed!


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