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The Beginner's Bible- Homeschool Review Crew Review

When Zonderkidz asked the Homeschool Review Crew to take a look at their updated 25th Anniversary The Beginner's Bible we were thrilled!  Not only do we have a thing for Bibles in our home, but we have a long standing relationship with The Beginner's Bible.

I am pretty sure that The Beginner's Bible is one of the first Bibles we read to our oldest daughter, now 22.  I KNOW it is the first book we used to teach her that, no, we do not write in our books.  Trust me, this was before she was ready to take sermon notes and way before coloring in your Bible became a thing!  Regardless, the older, white covered version was in our home for a very long time.  It only recently bit the dust, four kids later.

The Beginner's Bible started our obsession with the video series made from it and were the only videos my kids were allowed to watch for a long time.  We were also gifted a cassette tape (told you it was YEARS ago) of the music and to this day my kids can still sing the songs based on the Bible stories and characters.  It was a fun way to learn, and I am still convinced the Bible is a must have in every home with little kids!

The Beginner's Bible is intended as a read aloud for ages 4-6, but can also be used for children ages 6-8 beginning to read independently.  While some pages have up to 6 lines of text on them, others simply have one, making it less intimating for new readers.  The full colored pictures on every page will draw and keep the attention of even the squirmiest children.  Ask me how I know this! The 508 pages are thick enough to be handled by little fingers and slick for easy page turning.  At the end there is a little Bible dictionary for bigger words that young children may not be as familiar with.

Speaking of pictures, that is one of the BIG changes in this new, 25th anniversary edition.  If you compared the versions side by side, you would see that the old pictures are still there, but have been given a few updates.  The colors seem a bit bolder and the pictures now have more of a three dimensional look to them.  Still simple in nature, but a little more depth.

So how have we used this?  Obviously my kids are getting older and outgrowing a picture based Bible, but even my nine year old got excited when he saw this arrive at our house.  "I remember that!" is what he said, as he headed for the couch to look it over.  We had fun reviewing many familiar stories and finding ones that he remembered as his favorite.  The winner?  The First Miracle of Jesus.  I was kind of surprised since it was always the mad faces I seem to remember him liking to look at!  Boys!

Additional resources that include activity worksheets such as coloring pages, mazes, handwriting pages, matching activities, and more, are available online.  There are also games to play and videos to watch.  Another neat resource is the new The Beginner's Bible curriculum kit that can be purchased and used to teach larger groups of kids.  Parents and teachers can also download iron-ons, posters, bookmarks and more, making this a tool that can be used in Sunday Schools as well as other small groups.

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

If you are looking for a beginning Bible your little ones can enjoy or a beautiful gift to give a new parent, look no further!  The Beginner's Bible is the prefect addition!

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}
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