Thursday, January 26, 2017

Where's Riley?

No worries, I DO know where she is! ;)  NOT HERE!  Excuse me while I pout some more.

That being said, we were spoiled by having her home for an entire month over Christmas break!  Yes, an entire month.  My heart was full having all my peeps under one roof again.  A mom could get used to that kind of bliss!

His favorite person is home!
THEIR favorite human is home!
We had family dinners, played games, sang songs, had dinner out, saw plays and movies, cooked together, decorated, celebrated her 19th birthday, and just snuggled in together for the holidays.  It was glorious!


Thanks to an ice storm (which was not as bad here as expected but disrupted travel none the less), she almost got an extra day at home, but we did finally get her on her flight and back to Mississippi.  She may never want to fly again after that excitement.  Oh wait, that's me!

So she is back at school- her second semester, but technically her sophomore year thanks to online duel crediting.  She has a busy semester planned.  She is soon headed to a theatre festival for a few days and landed a part in a play which performs in late March.

We will head down mid March to spend Spring Break with her (Navarre Beach here we come) and then she will be home early May.  I told her this semester will fly by!  And just like that she will be a junior in college.

As a dear friend of mine says, hug your babies!  Time flies and they take off on dreams of their own.


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  1. Beautiful Pics Michele...that last one is just so precious!!!


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