Friday, January 20, 2017

Remodel anyone?

We are working our way through a long list of things we (read, mostly me) want to do to the house we bought last year.  Some were easy fixes like painting the front and back doors and working on the landscaping, while updating the boys' bathroom was a little more time consuming.  But so far, we have been able to do the things ourselves.

But the laundry room/mudroom was a different story.

Try to picture this- the space off the garage to enter the house was a rectangular area, SMALL, and well, small.  Trying to fit 6 people in there at once to take off shoes and coats when we came home was a nightmare.  And then trying to fit all that stuff in a little closet with an annoying bi-fold door??  Good luck!

Right beside it was an identical space that shared a wall - our laundry room.  It didn't seem too small when we bought the house but let's just say that after a few weeks of laundry, I realized it was a little tight.

Laundry day, can you tell?

Basically, the wall between the two areas was in my way!

And once I am annoyed by something, it grates on my nerves.  Like every single time I came in from the garage or tried to do the laundry.

So I begged my husband to change it and he graciously hired someone to fix it.  In December.


Because it seemed like a good idea at the time!  NOT.

Well, it was a great idea, the timing just wasn't the best.  You know, because of the holidays and all.  And company.  And having people over.  And the chaos of December,  And....

Do you EVEN know how much dust there is in your house when a wall is torn down and they pull out trim, and sanding, and painting, and putting in new lights, and tiling, and building a new "drop zone" for coats and such???

Have I mentioned that said space then empties into my kitchen, and was not at the time separated by a door?  Yes, there is one there now.  But during the 4 weeks of work, NOPE!

And there was a layer of dust over my entire main floor with several layers in the kitchen alone.  No matter how much I wiped down the counters and counter tops and mopped it was a mess.

In December.

Yep, not fun.  But the good news is we are done.  Mostly!

The built ins still need to be painted as do the existing cabinets around the washer and dryer, but we are waiting to decide on a color to do our kitchen cabinets first so they will all match.  One thing at a time, says the hubby!  We (read I) also want to replace the utility sink with a stainless one, but that will be a future project.

The good news is we love the space.  SO much more open with out the wall, a much more resilient floor to handle dirt,

an open area to hang coats and leave shoes that replaced the useless closet,

Still working on paint and finding matching baskets for the upper storage!

brighter with two additional lights,

and a place to hide mops and brooms!

Plus there is a door now between this space and the kitchen we can close if we need to!

So what's next?

We have decided to update our master bathroom on our own!  In the summer! ;)


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