Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And then there is Riley...

I try hard to alternate what I write about, but really, much of this space is dedicated to my family, because, well, they are my family, and I like writing about them.  It is also an easy way to keep friends and family who really are interested in updates in the loop.

If that is not you, my apologies!

1 1/2 weeks ago, we dropped this kiddo off a million miles away from home.  Ok, it is only 845 miles, but it feels like a million when you are stuck in a car for 13 hours.  Especially when you have car rides like the one we had.  Don't even get me started.  I entertained drove my FB friends crazy for THAT car trip.  All million hours.  Starting to see a theme?


Back to Riley!

She is doing great.  We knew she would.

This is her lovely roommate whom she adores (and we do too!).  What a blessing to come back to a safe place with someone that you love and can share life with at the end of the day.

These lovelies have become her tribe and we are thrilled that she has found people that she loves!  Makes my momma's heart so happy!

On top of that I got a text one day from her that said I WAS CALLED BACK!  Theater groupies know that is a good thing.  As a freshman, a callback alone is a great way to start your college musical theater career!  She was cast as THE female understudy.  Yep, that means for all 6 female parts.  So she will learn all the female characters' songs and dialogue and be able to go on as any part if needed.  It is an amazing way to start and learn.  There is also a rumor that she is now the assistant stage manager.

We are thrilled and so is she.

As far as the rest of college life, I think it pales in comparison to the theater side of things, but she does actually go to a few other classes (haha) and is adjusting well.

Me?  Still working on it! ;)



  1. Such great news. Glad to hear she's doing so well and so exciting about the call back!

  2. Congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment as a freshman.

  3. YAY!!!! may she continue to do well away from home. :) woot woot on being an understudy. lots of work but great experience.


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