Monday, August 29, 2016

When Vacation is NOT

We kind of tried to fool ourselves into calling this past week and a half a vacation.  I mean, after all, we have driven long distances, eaten out a lot, and spent a lot of time in the car.

A lot of time!

But let's face it, it has not really been a vacation.  THAT I am trying to plan to coincide with Riley's spring break, somewhere warm and maybe with an ocean! ;)

We drove two days to drop Riley off at school, one day to our hometown where I have been taking care of my mom as she recovers from a knee replacement, and now we are on our second day of traveling to head home.

Vacation? Not really!

But some of us did have a little fun.  The boys went swimming, some shopped, hung out at the family farm, and visited with family.

Mom and I had fun with physical therapy.

She is doing great, don't let her tell you otherwise.  It is hard work though!  Very hard work.
It even wears the cat out.  haha

So now?

Time to regroup.

On my list-
put my house back together
freezer cooking
catching up with friends
finishing up wedding details
and school my boys! 
Time to lesson plan!


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