Wednesday, August 3, 2016


"Stages" is such a perfect word for our second child, Riley!

Maybe it should be her life theme!

Actually, if you knew Riley at a young age you would have never said she would grow up and love the stage.  She went through several years of being very insecure and afraid of everything.  I mean everything.  Then one day we moved and all that changed, in the blink of an eye.  It was like she decided to take her life back and she did!

It was amazing.

 She is amazing!

She is also entering a new stage of life.  18 years old and ready to leave home for college.  Ready to start a new life in a new state with a bunch of new dreams!!  While we will most certainly miss her, we are so excited to see what God has for her.

And ready to see her on some pretty big stages.  You can bet that is where she will be!

A BIG thank you to Christine McGuigan for the amazing senior pictures and fun photo shoot!!

As a dear friend of mine says often, hug your babies!

Trust me, they grow up fast!



  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young women off to fulfill her dreams, we love you Aunt Susan and Uncle Kenny xoxox

  2. What a pretty young woman. So excited for her future!


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