Friday, August 26, 2016

Recovery and Rehab

As you may know, I am currently playing nurse for my mom for a week while she recovers from a total knee replacement.

The good news, and I really mean GREAT news, is that she handled surgery well.  This is big for her, as her past history of surgery has been pretty bad.  This time around they did a spinal instead of using anesthesia, which eliminated most of her issues.  She does not take pain meds well, so she did have to battle some pretty severe reactions to that, but once the nurses figured out the right combination things greatly improved.

The bad news- surgery stinks.  No matter what.

It messes with your body and mind.

So this is where we are at.  Working hard to heal her body and keep her entertained to help her mental state.

Body, hard.  Mind, easy! (you know our family is nutty, so laughter is pretty easy!)

I will not go into details, but she is on a pretty regimented schedule.  Thanks to me.  You are welcome, mom.  Everything is written down and the drill sargent has moved in.  I told her when I left we could facetime during her physical therapy.  She told me no need, she would still be hearing my voice.

hmmmm, no comment.

Physical therapy is hard to do and hard to watch.  Except for the cat.  He enjoyed the show.

Well, then it must have worn him out because he chose to sleep afterwards.

Then he moved for a better view. Yes, on the ice pad.  Yes, on top of the potty chair.  At least it provided laughter!

Plus this cat has decided to protect mom at all costs.  You should see the looks I get from him!

As far as laughter goes, oh how I love my family!  They have popped in a few times and kept us in giggles.  Seriously!

That plus a silly video I shared with mom.  I hate linking stuff but if you go to YouTube and search Sarah help me, you can laugh too!  Go ahead, it is worth it!  Laughter is so good for us!!

Tonight, it is funny movie time!

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement you have sent our way.  They have been felt and much appreciated.


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