Friday, August 19, 2016

5 on Friday

1- On the road again... this is becoming a habit! Yes, we are dropping Riley, our second daughter, off at college this weekend.  I will post about it next week...until then prayers for this momma's heart would be appreciated!  She will rock it.  The verdict is still out on me!

2- On our various travels we got to visit with old friends who have opened a new Culvers franchise just a few exits away from the Kansas City airport.  I love how our travels and our friends frequently cross paths!  If you are in the area, stop by and say hi to them for us!

3- We finally made it to the Omaha Zoo.  You know, because everyone says it is the best!  It was on Riley's to do list before she left for college.  We had a great day and are eager to go back when it is not quite so hot!

4- Our last trip (told you this was becoming a habit) took us back to the place of our first assignment, where our oldest was born!  We had not been back there in 22 years, so it was fun to see how much had changed.  And a few things that had not!

5- Proud bragging moment.  Ashton's quilt business, Ashton's Attic, is starting to take off and provide a living for her.  Just this week she sold two!  She is taking orders for Christmas now- be sure to get on her calendar!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!



  1. Good luck this weekend! I'm praying for traveling safety, smooth transitions, and comforted hearts.

    Columbus? Really? That was our first assignment -- twenty years ago this summer. I certainly hope you got some good food while you were there. We always say that assignment had better food than any since then.

    1. Thanks Cristi! Praying for you all as well! Yep, Columbus! Loved it! Prophet's Porch an dthe Little Kitchen! But boy, has that little town changed!!

  2. That's really cool that she can make quilts for a living! I've done several (recently decided to quit, though), but always just for family (my own, plus several for extended family over the years). I think I made $50 in 8 years of quilting :p

    1. Too funny! Between lessons, alterations and the quilts, she is doing well! Keeps her busy and happy- you can't beat that, right?!


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