Monday, September 5, 2016

Where Are We Now?

Today we begin a new school year.  This is the 18th time I have done this.


That number stuns even me!

I started this journey when my first born was 4.  Yes, she was a little young for Kindergarten, but I rationalized that if I started early and completely messed up the year she could begin Kindergarten and no harm would have been done.

Yes, I was that confident in my abilities.  NOT.

We also sold ourselves the lie that we were just schooling the kids while they were younger so we could save up the money to send them to private school when they were older and it "really mattered!"


18 years later, we have graduated our oldest.  She has her own sewing business and is going to be married in January.

We just dropped off our second daughter at college where she is loving life and pursuing a BFA in Musical Theater.

So who does that leave?

Just me and two boys.  A fourth grader and a freshman in high school.

Two boys!

I love my boys dearly, do not get me wrong, but to say that I am a little apprehensive about this school year is an understatement.

A big one.

Gone is my girl who loved school and excelled at all she did and my Disney princess who brought a ray of sunshine to every school day, and possibly a few fairies and forest animals as well.

Now it is all Legos, Star wars, knives, guns, cars and...well, you get the picture.

Not bad, just different.

So if you think of us during the day, a quick prayer lifted would be appreciated.

That our first day goes smoothly.
That I find joy in each new moment.
That I transition to BOY schooling.
That we love well!

Because these boys deserve that.  And they are worth it!!



  1. Praying you have a great first day!

  2. Praying for you to have fun "boy"schooling.


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