Monday, June 1, 2015

The Blessing of Friends

Through the years and our many moves we have made a lot of friends.  Some have blessed our short stay somewhere and others made footprints on our hearts that will never fade away.  They are different, but both are loved and appreciated.

But those footprint friends - well, they are the ones that hold us tight and sustain us through the years. They are the ones that still love us when we leave.  They are the ones that do not allow the miles to separate us and fight hard to keep us close.

They are loved.

Two such sweet friends blessed us a few months ago and I have been remiss in sharing.  They are two young girls that met Ashton 8 years ago, when she was just 13, and made her their friend.  Those two had grown up together and yet they let her into their private little world and made her one of them. They did not let the threat of a move keep them at a distance.  They loved her regardless.  They love her still.  And she loves them as well.

And so through the years, phone calls and letters and an occasional visit have kept them close.  And the help of their parents brought them together for a weekend.  And despite the time and distance they did not miss a beat. (yes, I know that is a lot of ands!)

It was a wonderful sight to see and noise to hear.  The talk and the laughter.  The joy!  It brought such joy to this momma's heart while reminding me of the dear friends I have made through the years.  I could close my eyes and just imagine us doing the same thing.  So much fun!  And such a blessing. To her and to me!

And as always, God's timing could not have been more perfect!

So a big thank you to Kelli and Natalie- for the fun, the laughter, the friendship and the love!  For blessing my girl and my family!

Thank you to the many friends that have blessed us through the years.  I may not always say it, but you ALL are loved and I thank you for the blessing of your friendship!


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  1. AWW I'm going to start tearing up! Your family has been an incredible blessing in my life – from you and Mr. Pleasants being my church group leaders, to my friendship with Ashton, your family has left indelible mark on my heart and life. You've taught me so much from manners (not that my parents didn't teach me any but I now have a new "Pleasants standard of manners for when a northern girl with southern hospitality is appropriate.) to family being the second most important asset in life- apart and blended together with Faith. You continually challenge me to be complacent because even though your circumstances might not always be ideal, you HIM trust because you know that He has greater treasures in store for you than you could've ever imagined. While you are thankful for friendship in between the miles and memories, always remember that the power of friendship cannot always be counted in its duration or strength- but on the impact it has in the kingdom of Christ. I know my life would look drastically different today if your family had not been a part of it! Thank you for what you share and sacrifice for friends and strangers alike. Your family is a Philippians 4:8 family in my life and I cannot say thank you enough for how you've blessed it!


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