Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quietly Fighting

One of the things I have missed about our current location is an ongoing women's Bible study.  I love studying the Word with fellow believers, but quite honestly, I also just love the time with women.  It's time that is set aside to rejoice in our mutual love for God.

As the years go by though, I more clearly see that we all need a time to rejoice in our differences as well.  We need a safe place to come together and feel free to be ourselves.  To not be judged, especially because of the choices we make.

Women are like that, you know.  Have you noticed?  We smile sweetly at each other and then judge quietly.  In the modern day world of social media - not so quietly.  It is unfair, it is hurtful, and God calls it sin.

Do you?

In her newest online Bible Study, The Quiet Fight Between WomenAngie Tolpin tackles some of those very hard issues and gives hope to a different way of doing life together.  You are going to love Angie!  As you listen to her speak, you will feel like you are talking to an old friend.  She obviously has a heart for women and speaks truth with care and love.  Here is what she says in Unit 2-

"...most of the division that we see among women today is actually over issues that are not eternal, issues that Paul would have labeled disputable." 

That is it, ladies - we draw lines in the sand for each other and cause division among women based on preferences or personal convictions, rather than God's law.  Issues like whether to vaccinate or not, public school or homeschool, breast feed or bottle, or to drink kombucha or coffee become battle lines in our friendships. 

What causes this division? Often it is because we have taken a non-eternal issue and made it an idol in our lives, or we have seen the pros or cons of a topic in our lives so it has become personal.  For something to become personal for us is one thing, but when we make it personal for others we are sinning.  Our identity should not come from things, but rather from Christ alone! As Angie says, we are "making idols out of liberty choices."

In her 8 unit online study, The Quiet Fight Between Women, you will be challenged to think about these divisors as sin and then how to make changes for the better.

Unit One- Outline and Intro
Unit Two- The Root of Conflict
Unit Three- The Comparison Trap
Unit Four- Redeeming the Division
Unit Five- The Grace That Christ Offers
Unit Six- Rejoicing and Grieving Together
Unit Seven- Authentic Community
Unit Eight- Cultivating Unity

Let me tell you what is great about this study, outside of just the content - which by the way is amazing. Though online, Angie encourages journaling.  Not only are there workbook pages you can print out but you can also record your answers online and save them.  The format is very easy to work through.  Each video segment is just a few minutes long, followed by written portions to read and often followed by a multiple choice question to highlight a point Angie discussed.  This layout is repeated several times per lesson, but at any point you can save your progress and exit the study. Angie has a busy life with kids and  understand the demands on our time.  Any work you complete on the computer saves into a workbook that you can access and see how you have responded.

The Quiet Fight Between Women Bible Study can be done alone or as a group.  Angie has recently added a Group Leader Kit option.  In it you will find-

 - 6 minute video for Group Leaders
– Group Discussion Questions {PDF download}
– Letter to Group from Angie {PDF download}
– Tips & Tricks for Small Group Interaction PDF
– Group Dynamics Etiquette {PDF download}
– Prayer Audio from Angie to Group Leader
– Access to Private Group Leader FB Group
– $10 off coupon for the course, for all those in the small group

One of the things that has stuck with the most from this study is this statement from Angie; "We need to allow each other to be the person God has made us to be."


When we walk away from God's laws and make up our own, becoming prideful about the choices we make, and then judge others based on how they live up to our standards, we are sinning against a sister in Christ.  So many of us are guilty of making idols out of lifestyle choices.  Me included.

This study is challenging.  It is humbling to look at the sins in our lives and label them as such.  But it is also freeing, to ourselves and others.

Oh friends, that we may learn to repent of our sins, ask for forgiveness when needed, and forge a new path!

Our friendships will be blessed.  Our lives as well!

To share the excitement of her new Bible Study, Angie is hosting a fun giveaway. You can enter to win an Apple iWatch and course giveaway by using the rafflecopter below!  Quick, only 9 days left to enter!

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  1. Michele,
    Thank you for your help with getting the word out about the course! This is such a needed topic and I apprecaite sisters like you who have been willing to link up arms to get the word out!


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