Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Homeschooling High School Blog Hop

Yes, you CAN homeschool a highschooler.  Trust me, I have done it.  Our oldest child graduated from college in December, a semester early at that, and did extremely well.  We currently have a high school "junior" who is technically done with highschool and has enough college credits to be a second semester freshman.  Our goal is for her to enter college as a junior.  We also have an 8th grade son who will begin some highschool level classes in August.  It is not easy, but it can be done.  And it can be done successfully.

One of the keys to doing well is having a solid high school background and one of the keys to having a solid high school background is knowledge.  Lots and lots of knowledge.  About classes, choices, curriculum and more.

Homeschooling High School Blog Hop 2015Luckily for you and me, there are lots who have gone before us and love to share what they have learned.  My friends, that makes our lives easier.

I am teaming up with a group of friends who have been there done that and are also currently in the trenches of homeschooling.  And once a month for the next 7 months they are going to share their wisdom, trials, tears and celebrations!  We hope you will join us in hopping from one blog to another and gleaning valuable information.  Maybe you will even make a new friend in the process!

Here's what you can expect...

·  24 June - Planning for High School 

·  29 July - Electives 
·  26 August - Math, Science, Biology 

·  30 September- Language Arts 

·  28 October - "How am I going to teach High School ...?" 

·  25 November -   How do you fit it all in? 

·  30 December - Graduation 

Here are the gals who you can expect to see participating-

Chareenfrom Every Bed of Roses - Introducing the 2015 Homeschool High School Blog Hop
Jennifer from A Glimpse of Our Life - Meet The Bloggers of The Homeschooling High School Blog Hop
Meg from Adventures with Jude - Hints for Homeschooling High School
Cristi from Through the Calm and Through the Storm - Some Homeschooling High School Friends
Debra from Footprints in the Butter - My Three (Homeschooled High School) Sons
Leah from As We Walk Along the Road - Are You Really Homeschooling Through High School?! The Homeschool High School Blog Hop
Lisa from Golden Grasses - You Can Do It! Homeschooling through High School Blog Hop
Wendy from Life at Rossmont - Introducing High School Homeschooling ... {A Monthly Blog Hop}
Gena from I Choose Joy! - Homeschooling High School monthly blog hop- Introduction
Kym from Homeschool Coffee Break - Meet the Homeschooling High School Bloggers!
Debbie from Debbie's Homeschool Corner - Homeschooling High School
Carol from Home Sweet Life - Homeschooling High School ~ What is it REALLY like?
April from ElCloud Homeschool - Introducing Homeshooling High School
Erica from Be The One - Homeschooling High School
Laura from Day by Day in Our World - Homeschooling High School ~ A New Monthly Series of Posts
Tess from Circling Through This Life - Introducing the Homeschool High School Blog Hop!
Dawn from Double O Farms - Tapping into Great Resources for Homeschooling High School

Who is ready to learn?  See ya back soon!


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