Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Half Way There

12 is such a big number.  Well, it might not seem like it to you, but when that number represents the number of months you are counting without the love of your life there to count with you, trust me, it is a BIG number.

With that said, we are S-I-X months done as of today.  Can I hear an amen?!!

And since God's timing is ALWAYS perfect, a sweet friend of mine randomly sent me these pictures in an email last week.

These were taken years ago (as evidenced by how young Salem looks!) when my dear hubby returned from far away after 7 months.  That was a big number too!  Side-note... can you believe that both of my girls were away at their first year of camp when he returned?  What fun it was to pick them up a few days later. I am pretty sure their buckets of tears confused some of the other campers though. ;)

But that sweet email reminded me that the big number does get smaller until it is simply a distant memory!

And the reunions are oh so sweet!

So not to rush your summer, but here's to distant memories and sweet reunions to come!


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