Monday, March 9, 2015

Three Baggy Ps- Review and Giveaway

You should know by now, I love blessing people with giveaways.  I love it even more when I can help promote friends' growing businesses at the same time.  So today is a win-win, for you and for me!

Enter Jessica, a dear friend of my daughter Ashton!  They met at college several years ago, and have been fast friends since.  Wish you could meet her in person!  She has the sweetest spirit, a contagious smile and a lot more talent than me! ;)

Together with her equally sweet sister, Jenny, and mom, Beth, this amazingly talented family started a business named Three Baggy P's.  (Dad and brother help on the business end and lend their creative advice!)

I asked Jess to tell us the story behind the name and how they got started-
Ahhh, the name. :) I have to admit I was not a huge fan at first, but it really has grown on me, and I love that it is so memorable. It really is quite simple if you think about it. There are three of us, our last name starts with "P", and we sew bags (among other things). So that's how we got our name - The Three Baggy Ps!

Three Baggy Ps started out as something fun for Mom, Jenny and I to do together. I (Jessica) actually did not start out in the business sewing. I made little flowers out of paint and wire, to sell along with sewn items my Mom made. This business was all at our local farmers market where we had a booth. It soon turned into much more than that, and as I grew older, my sewing skills improved, until Mom and I were both working hard sewing all sorts of purses, totes, bags, and accessories!
Here's the rest of our interview-

-Where did you learn to sew? 
  I learned to sew from my Mom, and started when I was 9. She also learned from her Mom, and started sewing around the same time. So you could say that sewing is a family tradition at our house! I can't wait to teach my little ones to sew in my turn, if the Lord allows me that blessing.

-What do you all do exactly? 
  We first of all we have a lot of fun! This business is an adventure and we love being on it together! We handmade everything we sell, and by that I mean, we cut out every piece of fabric by hand, sewn all the pieces together (with machines) and finish them off with our own personalize tags! We take pride in the fact that all of our items are unique and completely one-of-a-kind!

-Favorite thing about this adventure? 
  My favorite thing about all of this... Well it's hard to narrow it down to just one thing! I think my favorite thing would be the relationships that I get to develop through this business. I love the time I am able to spend with my Mom and sister sewing, and I also love the new friendships that we make with our customers! Selling at the market every summer has been great - to get to know the locals, and to enjoy friendships with repeat customers. It has also been really fun to connect with people from across the country and even around the world through our social media sites!

-Favorite thing you sell! 
  Oh another inevitable, but so hard to answer question... My favorite things to hand-sew are my felt Christmas ornaments, but I also greatly enjoy making my owl pillows. Favorite thing to sell though? Probably our market bags. It just so fun to see people walk away with one of our creations slung across their shoulder, with a huge smile on their face! 

Michele again- I happen to own several, ok maybe a few more, of these ornaments.  The minute I saw these cute things I knew I had to have them. They are even cuter in person, if that is possible!

Jess and her team have graciously given you all a chance to win that adorable red bag at the top- called The Placemat Bag!  Just enter the rafflecopter below to get started!!

You can follow Three Baggy P's on instagram!
You can also find their complete shop on Etsy and facebook!

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