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GPALOVEMATH- Schoolhouse Crew Review

Recently we had the opportunity from GPA LEARN to review their program GPALOVEMATH, a  web based Math program for kids grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. For an entire year's membership, we can explore any grade level we desire and see fits us best.

GPALOVEMATH follows an Instruction, Practice and Quiz format, covering over 10,000 practice problems per grade.  That is over 150 lessons per grade!  By using different animated characters as your child's "coach", GPA Learn makes learning math fun!

Adirehs, an island girl, is the coach for 2nd graders, which is where we have been currently working. Other characters include a penguin, a detective and a cool robot!

Each day your child can follow a recommended path of instruction or choose what they would like to learn.  There are several colored "paths" to choose from (green, purple, or blue) and you must complete certain lessons to open other ones.  This ensures that prerequisite skills are learned before moving on to higher skill levels.  Once you choose the path you want to work on, you "test drive" that skill- by first receiving instruction on the new skill presented. After the instruction and a quick process review, you then working through practice problems with your coach. Once practice is completed you move to the quiz where you can earn points based on the number you get correct.  If your child gets stuck on a practice problem, they have three lifelines they can use to get help.

To further help motivate your child, there are over 100 reward options the parent can choose to set into the program.  The more options you choose, the more often they are rewarded to the child. These options range from things such as snuggle time and playing a game with your family to an extra movie privilege or later bedtime.  There is also an option to make up your own prizes.  In addition, the points your child earned can be redeemed for gift certificates to places like Toys R Us and Target!

Though this is not a game based system, there is a little adventure tied into the lessons and every few screens a little something extra is added in, giving the child a break for a moment.  During our time using the program, it was discovering animals on the islands or finding what to feed them, learning about recycling, and choosing tools to hang a sign.

A private social network where parents and kids can communicate with those they know in the same program can also provide an extra level of fun to the program.

How did we use this program?
Since we do math daily, we put aside our current math and used this for several weeks, 5 days a week, though they suggest 3 days a week is sufficient.  It is easily accessible and my 2nd grader often pulled it up on our laptop without me and got started before I could sit down.  We began with 2nd grade, since that is his current grade and followed the recommended path.

What did we think?
Hmmm, I had to really think about that.  While GPALOVEMATH did not knock our socks off, I did think it was a good solid program.  After several weeks into the program, we had not really hit any "new to us" skills, but that seems reasonable since we are already 8 months into our current school year.  We are planning to move up into the third grade level and see how he does.  Some concepts were taught a little differently than we had experienced before.  One of the things I did not like was counting on your fingers was encouraged several times, which I discourage in our home. While the lessons tended to take us on average about 30 minutes, CJ did skip through some of the screens when he already knew what to do.

In addition, GPALOVEMATH teaches the concept of S.P.O.T.-  Study the problem, Plan it out, Operate and solve the problem, Test and confirm your answer.  While I like the concept a lot, it is repeated and explained in every lesson and grew tiring to my second grader who began to skip it every time.

I do like that your child has a little freedom in what they choose to learn each day.  For my strong willed child, getting to "pick" is a big thing for him and made his day.  He also LOVED the rewards. Funny how the little things can matter.  Before he started his lesson each day he would go to the rewards tab to see how far he was from earning a reward or how many points he needed for another certificate.

I also like that this is NOT a game based program.  I like to make learning fun, but I think it is important to teach kids that life and learning are not all about games.  GPALOVEMATH seems to have found a good balance in their program.

Special Introductory Price of $129 per child per year includes-
  • Entire year math curriculum
  • Includes all grades K through 5
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Learn, Engage, Motivate, & Parent dashboard features

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