Monday, March 2, 2015

Homemade Health

A while back I mentioned we were making Elderberry Syrup and got several requests for the hows, whats, and what fors.  So here 'ya go!

Let's start with the what fors!  Elderberry syrup has long been toted for its medicinal purposes.  My first exposure to it was a few years ago when I did a review for a company that I love - Beeyoutiful.  I used it, loved it, and bought it for years.  I am convinced it is what keep my daughter completely healthy her first year in college.  For a child with serious allergy issues, trust me, that is big!

But, for a family of six taking elderberry syrup daily, it can get rather pricey and I had allowed us to go off of it for a while.  And we seemed to get sicker more often, just saying.

Of course, since then Pinterest has taken off and you can find anything you are looking for, and some of what you are not, in the social media world. (Does Pinterest make anyone else feel like a crafty person failure?)  Anyway... I began to see and pin homemade Elderberry recipes to a board.  And then, of course, forget they were there.  Yes, I am that Pinterest savvy.

And our health was still iffy.

And then Farmer Dan and his beautiful bride gifted us with Elderberries, a ton of them, grown on their land.  How cool is that?

So, I trudged through my Pinterest boards and found several of those forgotten recipes.  And then tried two.

Actually, Ashton tried two, because we all know she is a better experimenter than I am.  And more natural.  And maybe because I begged her to do it for me.

Both were good, but with a vote from the boys, we determined we preferred one over the other and have since made up several more batches.

You can find the recipe we used from Amy blogging over at A Blossoming Life.
The only change Ashton made was to use fresh Elderberries that had been frozen instead of dried berries.

How do we use it?  For health maintenance, we each take a tablespoon in the morning.  If we are feeling bad or have been exposed to someone sick, we will take a tablespoon three times a day.  Is it a cure-all?  Maybe not.  But I am convinced it has helped us through the winter season with great success and is the first cure we run to when the sniffles or a sore throat set in.

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  1. I love using Berry Well, but it's been sold out all season. This sounds great!

  2. Thanks for sharing that link. I purchased some dried ones after reading over and over about the benefits, but so far have only added them to hot tea.

    1. Never tried that before. Wonder if we could do the same thing with our frozen ones?

  3. I need to take the time to make this. I too used to buy it from Beeyoutiful for years when the kids were little. They didn't get a cold not once that whole time. But it's so expensive I've not kept up with it for the last 5 years!

    Yours looks so yummy!

    1. That is why we had taken a break a well. BUT, we love Beeyoutiful! Just put in an order last week from them.

  4. Thanks for sharing that recipe. I wonder if they sell the berries here. My naturopath was suggesting it for immune support.

  5. I'm soooo making some of that Michele!! We need that around here.


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