Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Schooling While Dad's Away- Guest Post

Once again, I have had the privilege to guest post for Our Homeschool Forum, an amazing off-shoot of Rainbow Resource.  Yes, THAT Rainbow Resource!  You know, the homeschooling catalog that puts big city phone books to shame.  When it comes in the mail, I drool over it, take weeks to go through it page by page, and then repeat the cycle.  Let's not talk about the buying part!

Anyway, my new article Schooling While Dad's Away is a labor of love.  We are, after all, in that particular lifestyle right now.  Many of you have asked or wondered how we are doing- here's part of the story.  The rest is for another post. ;)

Schooling While Dad's Away
Let’s face it. If you took a poll of the homeschoolers out there, most would say that the majority are being taught by their moms. Makes sense really, as in a “typical” family, dad is the one who goes off each day to earn a living. Luckily for many, that works. You can see smiles on faces and possibly even hear birds singing at the end of the day when dad returns to provide a break, a much needed break, in the action.
But what about the “non-typical” families? You know, the ones where no dad comes home at night to relieve a worn-out mom.
Whether due to a traveling business man, a single mom, a widow, a military mom whose spouse is deployed, or whatever the circumstances - there are a lot of moms out there schooling alone. There is no one to relieve them at the end of a busy and sometimes trying day. For this next year, we too have joined the ranks of those brave souls and are seeing, once again, the challenges.
So what’s a mom to do? How does one survive schooling while dad’s away?
To read the rest of the story head over to Our Homeschool Forum!


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