Friday, March 20, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean! Week 12- The Family Room + DVDs

After last weeks assignment of bathrooms, I do have to wonder how many of you still like me!  Or are sticking around.  I promise this week is not quite as hard and it may even be a week off for a few of you.  If that is the case, you can use this week to catch back up on any unfinished weeks.  Like books!  Just saying ;)

So this week we are headed to the family room.  Or den.  Or whatever you choose to call the place where you spend time as a family.  Ours is currently in our basement and does not get as much traffic because of that.  It is however a hang out place for the kids and their friends, and is where we retreat on Fridays for family nights and weekends to hide from the world.

Here we go!
  • First things first, so clear the clutter.  One of the things that seems to happen when we stay in one place for any length of time is that we collect things in piles.  Somehow those piles just grow in layers and we start to not even notice the piles.  Now is the time to notice the piles!  And get rid of them!

We seem to have a problem with blankets.
  • Now on to the dusting!  Bet you will be surprised at how dusty the tops of things are.  

  • Don't forget lampshades, light fixtures and switches!
  • On to the furniture.  One sure fire way to tell you have kids is to check the nooks and crannies of your couches.  YUCK!  We vacuumed the cushions and beyond and finally decided to actually wash two of the cushion covers.  It seems at some point in time something had been spilled on them.  Luckily they survived the wash very well and look so much better now. 

This is what we found under the cushions and in the nooks and crannies.  Nerf, anyone?

  • Floors and baseboards are next.
  • And now the fun part.  NOT!  This is the room we house our DVDs, so guess what?  We are clearing out DVDs.   Luckily, Riley is the queen of movies and loves to organize them, so she took this project over.  You can see the start of our pile, but eventually we took three plastic bags stuffed full of movies to Goodwill.  Many were old VHS tapes and we decided that was time to let them go.  I made a list of a few we would eventually like to replace with DVDs, but we will see if they are really missed first.  Before you judge, we no not watch TV, so we rely on movies for our Friday Family nights. Hence the large numbers of movies.

  • Before you walk away with a smile on your face for a job well done, take one last look around!  Do you have stuff just filling a space?  Do you love everything you see?  Does it have a purpose?  Because 34 Weeks of Clean is just not about cleaning,  but also about taking back our homes in the clutter department, I challenge you to get rid of extras.  If you don't love it or use it, lose it!  Time to clear out the clutter!

This week my sweet friend and partner in crime, Kemi, at Homemaking Organized has created  DVD/CD alphabetical dividers just for you!  She'll explain how to use them on her blog, don't worry!

Ready to share those sparkling bathrooms?  Don't forget that for each link up you earn an entry in our 34 Weeks of Clean prize basket drawing!  Behind a week?  No worries!  Show us what you have done this week!  Not a blogger?  Share a picture of your progression our Facebook page!

Until next week, happy cleaning and many blessings!


  1. Good morning, Michele, and thanks for continuing this series. I haven't kept up, but this looks like a challenge I can jump back into and just maybe accomplish this week. I'm determined to tackle clutter. One of my current big projects is sorting curriculum for a used sale next month. Some DVDs might fit perfectly in those boxes, too.

  2. You are welcome! It has been what we needed too, to get ready for a future move. It feels great to see the clutter go! Let us know how you do on the DVDs! And don;t worry, homeschool stuff is coming soon! ;)

  3. I'm going to be late linking up my bathroom but I did tackle it before getting in an early Spring Break. I love how we're tackling our homes and getting things on the right track! :) Thanks for hosting this Michele.

  4. I didn't work on the bathrooms this week, but I did get something else done. Hopefully I'll get the bathrooms done soon. I've already done the DVD's when I cleaned the living room, which is also our family room. We do have a gameroom so I will see if I can tackle part of that instead.


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