Friday, March 6, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean! Week 10- The Entryway

Welcome back!  We continue to be amazed at how many people are sticking with us and taking back their homes from dirt and clutter.  If you are new with us, welcome!  It is never too late to start.  Feel free to jump in where we are at, or, if you are really motivated, the links for previous weeks are included at the bottom of this post.

This week- Entryways.  Now, I know this means a little something different for each person, but let's work together here.  Regardless of what yours "looks like," everyone has an entryway of some sort.  Go out your front door and shut it.  Then walk back in.  There - that is your entryway!

Here is a picture of ours, looking towards the front door.

Let's face it, for most of us this is a problem area in our homes.  Usually not because we have too much decorative stuff there, but because it is the first place we hit when we come home each day so it is a dumping ground for STUFF.  Anyone with me?

Now remember, I live in South Dakota.  It is cold here many months of the year.  It is also snowy many months, so very often my entryway is filled with coats, boots, and shoes.  And usually wet, snowy or muddy shoes and boots.  Case in point-

Our first new rule - unless you are a guest in this home, your coat does NOT belong here.  That's what the hall closet is for (and yes, we will head there soon!).  Second rule, and not followed nearly as well, you should only have ONE pair of shoes under the bench.  Good theory, hard to do - but we are working on it.  Yes, those are plastic mats we use to hold all the shoes under the built-in bench.  I loathe them, but because of the snow the floor is a complete mess otherwise.  I am trying to get over myself.

So here is your assignment- clear out and clean up!
  • As usual, clear your space first!
  • You know the drill by now. Start at the top - yep, those lights are dirty, I am sure of it.  Ask me how I know!
  • Wipe down any surfaces.  If you have scuff marks from shoes on the walls and doors, the best thing I have found to use is a Magic Eraser.  I do not want to know what is in those things, but they are truly magical.  Even my all natural girl will break down and use them in a pinch!         -Pay special attention to door handles, any glass in this area, and light switches.

  • Vacuum and wash any throw rugs.  This is not a throw rug.  It is one of my favorite things in my house which is why it was a mistake to put it in the South Dakota entryway.  It is now wearing out and getting frayed on two ends.  I will probably not make the next move with us. The reason I am showing it to you is to see if anyone knows where I can find a similar one. ;)  I got this one in the clearance area of a Cabellas years ago.  Deal. Of. The. Century!  I want one in a bigger size for my living room.  There might be a finders fee if you help me. Or maybe just a happy dance. heehee

  • Wipe down the base boards.  Again, magic erasers are great for scuff marks, just saying.
  • Vacuum and/or mop the floors.
  • Return do-dads to their spots.  OK, only return HALF of your do-dads.  Remember our goal of less clutter!
Here's a tip for you - see that cute basket hanging there?  In the summer it houses our bug spray and sunscreen.  Instead of running around the house looking for said items, they are right by the door as we head out.  Cleverly concealed in a basket.  You are welcome!

Kemi, from Homemaking Organized, is once again blessing us with a FREE door hanger reminder printable.  You will want to go to her post to see how exactly she uses it! I love this idea, ya'll!

Now, for a sore subject.  Books.  Yes, last week was about clearing out books and I KNOW that several of you whined through the project.  I will not name names to protect the guilty! ;)   I am hoping you at least gave it a try.  I know it is hard, I love books too, but we cannot take them with us to heaven.  They are just things, just like the rest of the "things" in our lives.  And while they can bring much happiness we must not let them BE our happiness.  If you love them, keep them.  If someone else will love them more, share them!

So how'd you do?  I hope you will link up and show us your progress!


See ya back next week!  Kemi and I have a few surprises up our sleeves you won't want to miss.

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  1. Love your entryway. Looks nice and cozy :) Cute basket, nice rug. Very nice Michele :)

  2. I'm looking forward to the week for the hall closet...because I don't have one-LOL! Maybe that will give me time to catch up on those bookshelves. :)

    1. It's on the list Carol! You are too funny!

  3. My entry way is pretty small, so I'm hoping to get the whole thing done! I need to clean my hall closet. It's been on my list of want to do's for a long time. Since we've had some snowy weather it's an even bigger mess now :)

    1. Wait on that hall closet a little longer! ;)

  4. Hi Michelle, this is an exciting series. I looked over the previous lists. Good Job and can't wait for what's next.
    I am linking up here for the first time.
    God Bless.

    1. We would love to have you link up anytime! Blessings!


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