Friday, May 2, 2014

Wonderfully Made! 52 weeks of Family Scripture Memorization

For the next two months I am going to concentrate on some verses for the kids that are slightly shortened from what you may have learned as an adult.   Here's the deal- we have seen through AWANA and other similar programs that cyclic learning works well for our kids.  If they learn something basic one year, they can expand the following year, not only in length but also in understanding.  It works!  It may seem easy to you at first, but baby steps- your child will be ready to do whole chapters of the Bible with just a little practice.

So here we go!

I love this verse!

I think my kids are pretty special.  How about you?  (yours, not mine, that is!)  I tell them often.  I want them to know how dear they are to me, but I also want them to know how dear they are to God.  And that HE made them.  Every inch and every part, every detail and every quirk.  And that they are wonderful made.

God says so!

Who can argue with that?


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