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Trident Case- TOS Crew Review

 Yes!  We actually got to review an iPad case!  Thank you to Trident Case for the  Kraken A.M.S. Case for iPad 2/3/4.  What fun!
Trident Case Review
The Kraken A.M.S. comes in 8 colors so of course I chose the purple.  I love the color.  Don't ask my husband about it, he can pick his own color when he gets one! ;)
The Kraken has a shock absorbing inner layer with a hard shell cover, built in screen protector, enhanced audio, and ports that are covered for dust protection.  Because of all those amazing qualities (and more) it is the perfect case for anyone, adults to young children.  This thing is built to last and more importantly, to make your device last!

Additionally, the back of the case has a twist and lock feature that allows you to attach additional accessories such as a stand, holder, windshield mount, bike mount, headrest mount, or a hand strap.

Trident Case Review
We were so excited to receive this case to review.  As a blogger I often use a cover with a keyboard for writing but because it is used often it is wearing out.  It also does not offer the protection I feel my iPad needs for use with the boys in my family, the littlest in particular.  That is why I was so intrigued with the Kraken after checking out their website!

As soon as the Kraken arrived on our doorstep, my 12 year old jumped at the chance to put it all together so I decided to let him give it a try.  I figured I would have to finish the task once he gave up.  Amazingly, he had it together in just minutes.  The case is in three pieces, the front hard cover with the protector, the inner silicon layer, and the hard back.  Putting our device into it was as easy as layering a sandwich.  Taking it apart is equally as simple, which I love!  Because of that, if I have switched over to my keyboard case for writing, I quickly switch it back to the Kraken for my children and for when I am not blogging.  It is light-weight and therefore much easier to hold and even slip into my bag when we leave the house.  No more bulky case to travel with.

And one of our favorite specs-
The Kraken A.M.S. meets military standards for drop, vibration, dust, sand and rain.  Yes, my son REALLY wanted to test it out.  No, I did not allow him to!  But it sure makes me feel better about both boys using it. 

Yes, I am one of those moms who swore I would never let my kids use my iPad.  Yes, now sometimes they are on it more than I am.  I take back what I may or may not have said about kids in waiting rooms using similar devices. ;)  With all of the educational apps out there and the fact that several of my sons' school subjects are online, I am thankful for my iPad and even more thankful for a quality case that can take the rough and tumbles of two boys!

Check out the video to see it in action!
Trident Case Review
You can purchase the Kraken A.M.S. Case for $69.95.

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