Friday, May 30, 2014

Remembering May- the one where we do Texas!

May was a crazy busy month for much so that I did not take nearly the pictures that I wish I had.  (We did manage to make forts one day in the living room)   But here are a few highlights-

Our co-op did an acting class and performed a skit at the end of the year program.  My 16 year old had a blast! (and the starring role)

We started a new science- Nancy Larson Science.  This is NOT a review item. Just a leap of faith change in science for my now 2nd grader and I am thrilled.  So is he. I promise to write about it soon!

Yes, we butchered chickens this month.  40 of them.  It was a great learning experience and we hope to do another round in the fall.  For those of you that are really interested, I will be posting about it soon with more pictures and a video!  Anyone know what this is?  Beside Farmer Dan and his bride? ;)

My two girls and a bestest friend got to go see Wicked!

With the help of a friend and some training from dad, the 12 year old has started a lawn mowing business!

And this dear friends-

is not only proof that we went to Texas for a week, but also is what makes my husband happy.  Other than me, of course!

This lovely group makes my heart sing-

This sweet boy still will love on his momma-

This boy is a fish!

 And this amazing man drove his family 13 hours to visit friends!  He is my hero!

Praying you had a great month as well.  Let the summer fun begin!


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