Sunday, May 25, 2014

Welcome to summer- 52 Weeks of family scripture memorization

Did you think I forgot you? Sorry, this post is a few days delayed...vacation got the best of me and while I managed to schedule all of the posts ahead of time last week, this one slipped through the cracks.  Maybe I should have changed the verse to one about diligence! ;)

Glad you are still with us!  I know it may seem like here we go again, but I really do feel that scripture memorization is important.  Especially for kids.  They are at a perfect age to learn quicker and more easily than those of us you are, ummmmm, older.  There are so many times in my conversations that I wish I could bless someone with a verse from the Bible but find myself not doing so because of lack of confidence.  What a lost moment!  I want my kids to better equipped!

So this week-

Yep, a pretty short one this week.  If you have slightly older kids, I would encourage you to have them memorize the rest of the verse.  Maybe even have a friendly competition to see who in the family can memorize the longest portion.  Then treat everyone who tries to ice cream at the end of the week.  (sounds like a good motivator to me!)  

Since many of your kids that regularly attend AWANA or similar programs are off for the summer, I hope you will join us in continuing to hide God's word in their hearts weekly.  


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