Monday, May 12, 2014

C is for Chicks and Coops

Remember the chicks?  They were so cute and cuddly at first.

But now they getting bigger and luckily for me, the broilers, you know the ones that we will eat, are getting uglier, as promised.  They also have out grown out that little box, so our farming friend built a coop for them all.

Yes, I know, that is an apartment!  His idea of coop and mine are two very different things.  I was thinking that little thing you buy at Lowes and wheel around for fun.  I could move into this coop!  It is huge!  Which is why he has a farm and I do not.  Yet.  It is cool let me tell you. Complete with roosting boxes, an automatic door on a timer to open and shut morning and night, and a tunnel that leads to a open field for foraging.  Told you it was cool!  So is farmer Dan!  He has to be- he puts up with not only our crazy family, but my insistence to blog about our HIS, adventures!  He and his wonderful wife even let us pretend to be a part of things.  I am sure they laugh a lot when we are not around.  Or roll their eyes.  hmmm, let's just hope they laugh!

So for your viewing pleasure, the below pictures are of the coop. That's Farmer Dan in the brown with my boys, the homemade door opener on a timer with bricks and bicycle wheel parts (genius, I tell you!) a beautiful brown hen that will be one of their layers, and then the UGLY white chickens (stick with me, it makes me feel better to call them that) that will be dinner in a few weeks.

A few weeks!  Maybe C should be for countdown!  Shhhhh- don't tell the chickens.  Friday is coming quick!


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  1. We raise chickens just for the eggs so it's interesting how you do it when it's for meat! What age will they be when you butcher them?

    Your farmer friend sounds a lot like my hubby when it comes to inventiveness and big ideas. :)

    We bought chicks this year for the first time (usually we get them as pullets) and I was amazed at how quickly they go from fluffy and adorable and feathered and ugly!

  2. That is an AMAZING coup! We hope to have chickens when we finally have our own house, and I've always wondered what kind of coup is best. Large and high-tech? Sounds perfect! ;)

    1. I think the chicks are pretty happy there!

  3. Wow! That's an impressive coop!! We attempted chickens last spring, but sadly it didn't work out with our micro-sized back yard. If and when we move and get some land, I would LOVE to get some, $5 a dozen for farm fresh eggs kind of kills the grocery budget! Found your blog though the Joy Focused Learning Link up :)

    1. Yep, he did a great job building it. I hope we can do it justice when we get to that point. Our chickens may be lucky to get an overturned barrel to hide in! haha

  4. That's a well made hutch, would be cool to see exactly how that door opener is made.

    enjoy those chickens. :)

  5. poor chickies.

    build them up with such a lovely home, then off with their heads.

    doesn't seem right. ha!

    thanks for linking up with #abcblogging!

  6. That is an amazing coop! Thanks for sharing at Anything Goes!


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