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More Than a Memory, The Candace Kate Story- Book Review

I have mentioned before that the journey of adoption can be a lonely one.  Maybe that is why I tend to seek out adoption stories to read - it is often a needed reminder that we are not alone.

So when I had the opportunity to be a part of a book launch for Nancy Fileccia's book More than a Memory, the Candace Kate Story I was excited.  Well, initially.  Then I read a little more about the book and hesitated.  More Than a Memory is a family's journey to the adoption of a special girl they named Candace Kate.  It is also the story of a family that lost that child to a deadly disease called Batten Disease.

Quite honestly, I was not sure I could take another heart wrenching story.  But curiosity got the best of me.  I am so thankful it did.  I know Nancy.  Well, I know of Nancy.  She co-owns the popular homeschool company Journey Through Learning and I have had the opportunity to review their amazing lapbooks.  It is a company built by Nancy and her best friend, Paula, during the time of Candace's illness - a refuge in the storm for Nancy.  Reading that while doing my review over a year ago touched my heart and I just knew that I needed to hear the rest of her story.

And Candace's.

Nancy and her husband traveled around the world to adopt a then 6 year old special-needs girl in China. Once they arrived, they realized the picture was a little different than the one that had been painted.  And a lot more challenging.   Despite fears and uncertainty, they knew that God had led them to Candace and they were determined to move forward.

And move forward they did.

"God had gone before us to work out the smallest of details." (p.23)

Candace learned braille, loved swimming, was taught like her siblings, and was slowly integrating into her family.

Then Nancy began to see red flags that would forever change their lives.  What follows in More than A Memory is sickness, the devastating diagnosis of Batten Disease, and the eventual death of Candace at the age of 13.

But between those things you will also find the stories of hope and faith, the determination of a mother, the love of a friend, the commitment of a husband and wife, and the fight to care for and love a child during her short time on earth.

"If I have learned anything from this journey, I have learned that God is always faithful.  He never promised me that any of this would be easy." (p. 126)
It is a beautiful story.  You will laugh and cry through Nancy's story.  But I think you will mostly be challenged.

To care for the orphans.
To love your family more each day.
To live life to its fullest.
And to walk a journey of faith, no matter where it takes you.

I am so thankful I took a chance and read More Than A Memory, The Candace Kate Story.  I am awed by Nancy's faith and thankful that God gave her a story worth sharing and the strength to do so!

In celebration of our launch week, you still have a few days left to enter to win Nancy's book, an iPad mini and more!  I will also be giving away 2 PDF copies.Just leave a comment to enter and a random winner will be chosen next Wednesday!

You can purchase More Than A Memory, the Candace Kate Story for $13.95  from Nancy's website The Candace Kate Story, Juvenile Batten Disease or the eBook for $5.95.  You can also buy it for your Kindle at Amazon!

You will be blessed!

Author Bio
Nancy Fileccia is a fourteen-year homeschooling veteran and co-owner of A Journey Through Learning lapbooks with her best friend, Paula Winget. They create fun, hands-on learning products for homeschooling families. Nancy loves helping parents with their journey of international adoption. Nancy and her husband, Rusty, make their home in Shreveport, Louisiana, with their three children. Visit her website at

For more information, you can find Nancy here:

instagram: http://instagram/AJTL_Learning


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